I have 3 CDs available. Please contact me directly at fifthgeek@gmail.com to purchase any or all of them.

It is finally Summertime here in the 'Great White North'.

The ice is out, it is fishing and golf season and the decks are all opem. Enjoy it while we have it !!

 I will keep the second page updated with all the dates I have booked as they arrive. If you see one in your area I would love to have you come out to a show. See you soon!!

I have done another CD. Please send me and email and and I will make private copy. Remember I am available for any type of singing engagement. No job Is too big or too small.  If you need me to sing don't hesitate. I will do shows on short notice.  Just get hold of me at the listed email address.  I can do up to a 4 hour show --fifthgeek@gmail.com - REASONABLE RATES.

Contact: fifthgeek@gmail.com

Rickey Lee is a crooner. He is heavily influenced by the music his parents played while he was growing up. This includes the likes of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr and Ella Fitzgerald. He also listened to a lot of musicals Like Oklahoma and My Fair Lady. He was born and raised in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. In the mid 1980's he and his wife moved to Duluth, Mn. where they raised two sons and currently reside.

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Contact :  fifthgeek@gmail.com

Rickey Lee Biggs

Finally Finally - It is Summertime !!